Employee Expenses Cards Program

Track day-to-day expenses with ease

Due to their business natures, many corporates need to carry out many fragmented, small-amount, irregular payments from month to month. A huge hidden financial and administrative burden could be resulted from payment operation and reconciliation process.

Now, corporate can deploy an employee expense card program as a quick and efficient way to handle expenses and allowance. With such program, company can streamline existing reconciling process in an eco-friendly way.

Key features of corporate card program:

  • Easily assign, track and reconcile staff expenses in real-time
  • Fund employee’s prepaid card instantly
  • Make purchases online, over the phone or in physical stores
  • Usable at millions of worldwide locations that accepts Mastercard/UnionPay
  • No interest charge or overdraft fee
  • No paper statement – it's all online available 24/7

Being co-brander of UniCard, company can design the appearance of its corporate card, offering a personalized and professional identification to the employees.

Applicable Industries:

  • Local Tradesmen
  • Logistics Companies
  • Corporates
  • SMEs
  • Hotels


  • Resort Groups
  • Trust Companies
  • Pension Scheme Service Providers
  • Securities and Brokerage Firms
  • Insurance Companies, etc.