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Co-Branding Prepaid Card System

What is Co-branding?

Co-branding with UniCard means that a company acts as a program manager to run a prepaid card program provided by UniCard. As a Mastercard’s authorized card issuer,UniCard can provide BIN (Bank Identification Number) sponsorship to non-bank institutions. As a Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s Store Valued Facility (SVF) Licensee,UniCard is also authorized to run store-valued eWallet or prepaid card programs.

Under UniCard’s co-branding program, co-branders / program managers can design and issue their own Mastercard prepaid card with customized card scheme.

Drive business to success with co-branding program

UniCard’s co-branding Mastercard prepaid card solution enhances your brand awareness, cultivates customer loyalty, attracts potential customers and conducts marketing strategies. Our team consists of experts from IT, payment, finance, business development and legal industries. Whatever the goal of your prepaid card program, we work together to put your idea into practice.

Global payment card program: Reducing time and cost on reconciliation and financial operations through centralizing all worldwide payments on one single card.

Loyalty card program: Retaining customer loyalty and getting valuable insights on your clients’ spending behavior, thereby discovering new business opportunities.

You will also gain the following advantages by a well-designed co-branded Mastercard prepaid card solution:

  • Combining additional offers and rewards to enhance long-term relationship with customers
  • Gaining more business opportunities by increasing brand exposure to the market
  • Boosting sales and attracting new customers
  • Fulfilling the needs of niche markets and filling the gap of bank products
  • Simplifying financial administration and cutting cost

Co-branding Program

Co-branded Mastercard will help you build or enhance your brand’s credibility, thus strengthen your position in the market. Other benefits included:

  • Reaching out to the appropriate target audiences by leveraging co-brander’s brand
  • Combining additional offers, loyalty and rewards programmes to attract and enhance long term relationship with customers
  • Exploring more business opportunities by increasing the exposure of co-brander’s brand to the market
  • Acting as a promotion tool for boosting sales and attracting new customers
  • Fulfilling the needs of niche markets and filling the gap of bank products
  • Reducing unnecessary administrative steps hence promoting cost savings
  • Supporting data mining for spending trends to explore more business opportunities

What are the requirements for issuing a company-branded Mastercard Prepaid Card?

To owna co-branding prepaid card program, you need to:

  • Minimum Card Quantity: 3,000 cards
  • Card validity period: 3 Years
  • Place of Incorporation: Hong Kong
  • Provide necessary documents and information for UniCard and Mastercard to carry our KYC procedure

Design you own card program scheme!

Currency Conversion for POS, Online or ATM transaction
Top Up Fees
Lost/ Stolen Card Replacement Fee
Chargeback Fee
Card Cancellation
Inactive Fee (Monthly)
ATM fees (Hong Kong)
ATM fees (Overseas)
ATM PIN Reset fees
Card Reactivation fees
ATM Balance Enquiry fees

Flexibility on issuing card quantity



UniCard allows company to issue card from hundreds to thousands.