Deploying a card program to streamline your cashflow

The rise of FinTech has forever changed the way companies do business. In this digital generation, many businesses are seeking online payment tools with easy access, convenience, efficiency, and speed. An effective payment solution should enable enterprises to manage finance easily, whether that is tracking their overall spending, managing cash flow, or optimizing their investment strategies.


UniCard provides B2B payment that suits a range of industries

UniCard Solution Limited (“UniCard”), a Licensed MasterCard Prepaid Card Issuer and a SVF Licensee authorized by the HKMA with the license number SVF0009, was incorporated in Hong Kong in early 2013 specially for the MasterCard Project. We offer a range of card service solutions that are designed to benefit both businesses and consumers by replacing traditional payment methods such as cash, bank transfer and cheque. 

UniCard builds and maintains strategic alliances with our banking and card processing partners, thereby providing clients the access to preferential operating terms. Meanwhile, we ensure that regulatory and compliance rules are observed with the deployment of card programs.


Case study: how UniCard’s solution streamlines business transactions to maximize cash flow

UniCard’s B2B card payment solution enables accurate and timely funds movement and reduces administrative cost for paying salary, business allowance, interest fee, insurance claim or person.

A multinational corporation has a global network of workforce and business partners. Frequent cross-border small payments are slow and give heavy burden to the Treasury Department. After employing the multi-currency prepaid card scheme, the corporation integrates payroll and international payment structure, cuts down payment costs, sends payments faster using UniCard’s electronic platform, thereby saving costs on manual reconciliation and audit.




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