At the moment, Hong Kong is among the top 10 fintech hubs in the world. It represents a fertile ground for Fintech startups due to its investment in education, adequate infrastructure, favourable geographical position, and progressive t...

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Virtual Banks Have Arrived in Hong Kong: Here's Everything You Need to Know About Them

The end of the decade in Hong Kong was marked by a long-awaited announcement: The Hong Kong Monetary Authority granting licences to 8 digital banks. The goal is to establish digital financial solutions that will be at the public’s disposal...


3 Ways Consumer Behavior Has Changed in the Digital Era

In recent years, it seems that the digital era has affected consumer behaviour more than ever. The on-demand economy is a product of many factors and the biggest one is definitely the way technology has infiltrated the consumers’ everyday l...


How Corporate Prepaid Cards Work and What Are Their Benefits?

Despite the growing number of alternative payment methods, prepaid cards still maintain their status as one of the better solutions on the market. Users adapted to them rather quickly due to their functional similarities to credit and debit cards...


Why Mobile Payments Are Gaining Popularity in Hong Kong

A few years ago, it seemed that there was a kind of a disconnect between Hong Kong’s reputation as an international hub for fintech startups and the fact that there were no full-fledged digital payment solutions entirely accepted by the peo...




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