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A bank identification number (BIN) is the initial 4 to 6 numbers that appear on a card. BIN uniquely identifies the issuing institution, type of card (credit/debit/prepaid etc.) and geographic location of the card issuer. It is important for matching transactions to the issuer of the card.


What BIN is used for?

BIN identifies the issuing institution for the account and ensures that each transaction is routed correctly. When making an online purchase, a BIN will work to complete the first step in the payment process: authorization. BIN identifies which issuer should receive the request for authorization to determine if the account or card is valid and ensure that each transaction is routed correctly.

You can try to validate the BIN online: https://www.bincodes.com/bin-checker/

You can check the Issuing institution, location of issuer, type of card on online BIN checker, try it!


BIN card transaction is faster and safer.

BIN makes the checkout process smoother by avoiding errors; it increases efficiency by adding another level of security and authentication to the checkout process.

Some main benefits of BIN includes:

  • Help to identify the purchaser
  • Confirm inline validation by asking the customer to enter their credit card number and the type of credit card they are using
  • Ensure compliance with export laws by identifying the card-issuing country
  • Protect monthly payment programs by identifying prepaid credit cards where only the first payment may be covered
  • Save time by validating whether or not a credit card is accepted by a particular online merchant before sending for authorization


How to get a BIN?

Non-bank or non-card institutions cannot have their own BIN, but they can collaborate with principle members of card companies to use the member’s BIN. As MasterCard’s authorized card issuer, UniCard can provide BIN sponsorship to co-branders to run their own eWallet or prepaid card programs.





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