Paytech beyond transaction: additional values that a payment solution can bring you

Paytech beyond transaction: additional values that a payment solution can bring you

In modern days, payment solution is no longer limited to completion of transaction. Solution providers combine different value-added services with their payment technology to innovate various new forms of “paytech” solutions.

The most obvious benefit to businesses is that they can select a payment solution best suited for their business models; but of course, they need to understand what options they are having. Below are some typical examples.


Member prepaid card + Rewarding scheme = Loyalty Program

Some retailers issue stored-value membership cards and reward points, special offers, free gifts, coupons, cash refunds to cardholders that use the cards, thereby further enhance customers’ loyalty towards their brands. Through periodic promotions within targeted segments, issuers can boost card transaction volume.


Prepaid card + CRM tool = CRM and Business Development Advantage

Card issuers can get access to a lot of customer and purchase data. Digging and analyzing such data give enterprises deeper business insights, allowing them to explore and expand to a new field of market.


Corporate card + Invoice and account system = Payment Solution

For companies that have frequent but irregular small payments, reconciliation can be a big pain. Corporate card allows corporate to make payment to vendors, agents and employers around the world conveniently. Digitalization of pay-in and payout transactions through the card makes reconciliation much easier.


Procurement card + Inventory system = Procurement and fund management

Integrating card payment and inventory system streamlines the entire procurement operation and cash flow. Companies can check the current inventory and fund at the same digital platform; every order will update inventory and payment information simultaneously.


UniCard is not only a payment service provider; we are experts that bring you the most optimal paytech solution with additional economic or operational benefits depending on your business.

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