MasterCard Multi-Currency Cards


Multiple currencies in one card

For enterprises or start-ups that operate overseas or forex business, UniCard’s Mastercard multi-currency card solution is an ideal fintech program that helps to reduce the time and administrative workload of forex.

Best for budgeting

Enterprise co-branding with UniCard can issue multi currency prepaid card. Prepaid card only allows spending after reloading, making it a great tool to control budget and prevent from overdraft. Company can consider it as an alternative for travel expenditure.

Co-branding enterprise will have a multi currency card system with following features:

  • Loading currencies
    Load up to 15 currencies on card at any time by UniCard’s mobile app, online platform or through UniCard’s customer support.
  • Locking exchange rates and manage account
    Instantly lock great exchange rates of chosen currency(ies), check balances and transactions on UniCard mobile app.
  • Monitoring real time rates
    Get access to real time exchange rates via online account or mobile app.

Applicable Industries:

Multi-currency card solutions are beneficial to a wide range of industries, especially companies that relate to forex, travel or overseas business, such as:

  • Immigration consulting firms
  • Overseas study agencies
  • Travel and MICE agencies
  • Airlines
  • Licensed money services operators (MSOs)