A few years ago, it seemed that there was a kind of a disconnect between Hong Kong’s reputation as an international hub for fintech startups and the fact that there were no full-fledged digital payment solutions entirely accepted by the peo...

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What Will Change Once Your Customers Get a Co-branded Card for Their Wallet

Considering that for every 100 cardholders across the globe there are 58 who own a co-branded card, and that the total number of credit cards used solely in Hong Kong was 19.46 million in 2018, the exact number of co-branded cards used globally i...


How to Avoid Personal Credit Risk

If we consider the fact that an average person aged 18 to 35 in Hong Kong spends more than 46% each month on credit purchases, it is safe to assume that many people today struggle to stay afloat and balance the books, without going in the red.&nb...


The Benefits of Prepaid Cards for SFC Licensees and Service Pay-out

For some time now, Hong Kong has enjoyed the title as one of the biggest business, financial and banking centers of mainland China. It’s favorable geographical position, the judicial system, and a fertile business environment are just some...


Why Hong Kong is the Number One Location to Establishing an Offshore Company

For years, Hong Kong has been recognized as one of the most prominent business, financial, and banking centres.
The Heritage Foundation ranked Hong Kong as the world’s freest economy and awarded third place in the World Banking...




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